Saturday, January 17, 2009


Before I came to BYU, my dad had mentioned how winter can be nasty because of the snow and ice. He would also say how ice is so unforgiving. It just hurts. How right he is...

Recently I was kind of running out of my house dancing and singing. I was on my way to jump in the car to head to a family intramural team's soccer game. Try to visualize... I was singing and dancing with my arms up above my head. I went out my back door, down the steps of the porch, the car was insight (about 10 feet away), mid-song, I go down! I mean BAD! My legs came out from under me-- I was flat on the asphalt. The first thing that came to my mind, was that really hurt and HOW did I fall?! I looked back and say this TINY little patch of ice. Recently, here in UT the snow had been melting a little. So this tiny little spot of ice was the remains of what had melted off of our roof earlier that day. The rest of the night, my knee killed. I am not one big on pain, but I could not believe how much my knee hurt. My hands and one of my knees were cut, but they weren't what hurt. I had a feeling my knee would have a bruise the following day.

Less than 24 hours later...

My brother's called me weaksauce. I wasn't even complaining about the bruise and they dished that out...rude... :)

It has now been a little over 3 days...

You should know that I LOVE, I mean, LOVE bruises! Last night when I was at the gym, I felt so hardcore for having this gnarly bruise on my leg. :) It's too bad it's not a very good story. :)

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