Saturday, January 17, 2009

Stuck with Each Other...

It is no secret that my roommates and I ADORE each other! If I could I would keep them around FOREVER! Unfortunately, all three of them are graduating seniors..."don't worry about me..."... At the beginning of this past semester, we took these pictures to post on our "to-be blog". We put them up, but the blog has stopped.. Anyways, these girls are some of the most amazing and fun-to-be-around. I feel SO fortunate to be living with them and am really sad to see them all leave. Hopefully Kortni is sticking around for a bit--she's a teacher...

Michelle (cousin), me, Kortni, Catrina ("Trina")

Our house. We think it looks like a pub a little bit. We live in a place called Moon Apartments, so we like to call it the "Moonshine Pub".

Majors: (Social Science Teaching, Econometrics, Visual Arts, Exercise Sciences)

This is our personal favorite. Clearly we had too much fun with these pictures. If one thing is constant in our home, it is laughter.

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