Saturday, January 17, 2009

Fire Hazard!

So my roommate Kortni brought back a cute little "Charlie Brown" Christmas tree for us when she got back from Thanksgiving break. However, this cute, little tree is more like a death tree. I have never felt a tree more sharp and pokey. It kills when you touch it! It really is painful, even if you barely touches you.

It is now far past Christmas and the tree is mostly dead. My cousin Alan saw and said how it is a major fire hazard. We (the apartment) all knew that, but didn't really think about it. We all wanted to get rid of it, but it was just a matter of doing it.

This past Monday, Kortni took the task upon herself and took the tree out. BEFORE she took it out, she put on layers! She put on thick gloves, her huge jacket (she never wears it--it's kind of a joke), and her boots. She also attempted to cover the tree with a garbage bag. Attempt is the key word. :) We are all grateful to be rid of the tree, but even though we vacuumed, we keep finding little remnants of the tree around--mainly because we step on them. Ouch!

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