Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Summer in Switzerland

This summer I had the opportunity to live in Switzerland with my cousin Roberta and her family. It was a phenomenal experience where I learned, experienced, and saw many things. Despite the MANY sites I saw and stood in awe of, I think my favorites "sites" were the two little girls; Anna and Mariah. a result, I have hundreds of pictures of those two little girls.

This is cute little Mariah in Italy. Don't cha just want to kiss her?!

The place where we stayed in Italy had this great backyard for the girls to play in. We spent a lot of time there...

This is another one of our excursions through Switzerland. Roberta loves to see different things and was VERY thoughtful to show me sites (even ones that she and the fam had already been to).

The girls love playing in the water, so as a habit, we'd strip them down to their diapers and underwear and let them run.When Roberta would be doing laundry, I'd take the girls into Anna's bedroom at times so we would be out of the way and not create more messes (Moms should understand how that goes. You're trying to get things done, then when you turn around, there is ANOTHER mess to be cleaned up and taken care of. :)

Cute little Mi-Mi.

We LOVED playing in the laundry basket!
(Isn't Anna stunning! I love this picture of her. I think she is so beautiful!)

I loved doing Anna's hair. When she would leave it either in a pony-tail or done", it was a miracle. Wouldn't it be nice to have perfectly curly hair?

Stealing Uncle John's hat.

Car-ride bliss. After long days of playing and running around, we would always be so happy the girls would fall alseep. They play hard.

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